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Testimonials of Families Who Trust UVi Buddy UV Sterilizer and Dryer


KC, Mother

Highly recommended! It's so easy to use, I will just wash the bottle and place it inside and take a nap and it's done! Plus I can use it to disinfect almost everything! Not only that, they have the best customer service and after sales service! Kudos UVi Buddy Ph!


Maita, Mother

So easy to use, and the peace of mind I have because we have our UVi Buddy now is priceless. I’ve literally spent sleepless nights worrying about COVID-19 and now I can be sure our things are safe to use. It’s absolutely one of the best investments I’ve made for my family. 💖 Thank you so much for the super easy transaction! Every home should have one, whether you have babies in your household or not! 


Valerie, Mother

Its the best sterilizer ever! Super convenient and easy to use + not so expensive compared to other brands. I always recommend this brand to my friends. Sellers are also very responsive when I have questions about their product.

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