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  • Conveniently clean and dry your mom and baby essentials when on the go with the UVi Buddy Portable Bottle Drying Rack
  • Each travel case includes: 1 pc Bottle Brush (for wideneck bottles) with built-in Detail brush (for nipples, straws and slimneck bottles), and 6 pcs removable prongs
  • Can be used to dry essentials such as baby bottles, breast pump parts, milk collectors, sippy cups and the like
  • Drying rack is made of sturdy elevated prongs ensuring items are held securely in place and comes with a slot allowing the bottle brush to be placed upright during drying
  • Compact size takes up minimal space in your traveling bag
  • A versatile investment as the travel case can be used to store craft materials as kids grow up

UVi Buddy Portable Bottle Drying Rack

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